breathe event offers a one of a kind experience for its visitors that will challenge them physically, mentally, and psychologically through a number of entertaining options, like a unique theatre play, a garden equipped for meditation, unconventional artistic activities, VR experience and a number of workshops to explore.


activities + features

an event that takes you on an out-of-the-ordinary journey to beyond what you think, to wider worlds than you realize, more choices than you expect, experiences deeper than you think, and greater challenges than you face.

  • art exhibits

    art which is displayed in unconventional ways.

  • VR exhibits

    face your fears through the VR technology.

  • meditation

    visit the quite zone and you can chill out with yoga & meditation sessions.

  • challenges

    an opportunity to try something new; parkour, free jumping and slide rope are some activities on offer.

event map

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