EVOLVE 2021: Rethinking Operational Resilience for Financial Services, Americas has been put together to help financial services firms attain their operational resilience objectives whilst at the same time offering a platform for key practitioners to share ideas and concerns. This event is part of the EVOLVE virtual series comprising a set of topical operational resilience related summits, webinars and conferences, taking place all over the world. 

EVOLVE 2021 – Rethinking Operational Resilience for Financial Services, Americas edition, will be looking specifically at the regulatory, operational, practical concerns of the North American market.

Each event in the EVOLVE series will enable C-suite executives and senior managers to benefit from real life case studies which will help them understand how operational resilience is, now more than ever, an evolutionary process hinging on industry cooperation, inter-jurisdictional and international dialogue and mutual support. This will allow industry leaders to embed resilience thinking into their strategies and change management frameworks, so as to protect and sustain their core business services as we adjust and adapt to the “new normal”.

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key topics to be discussed

a full conference agenda will be published in due course. key topics to be addressed at evolve 2021: rethinking operational resilience for financial services, americas include:

  • governance, regulations & reporting

  • operational risk management - surveillance & reporting

  • business continuity planning & testing

  • cyber security & ICT

  • incidence management

  • third party dependency management