building brand awareness is not an easy task. especially if you are constantly busy planning and putting your event together. you are competing with other events, entertainment programs and everyday business over people’s attention and engagement. define a precise target audience.

if you know your audience better, you will build better brand awareness campaigns. this will also save your creative team energy and costs. create a full event website. creating a fully operating website to enhance your event story and portray its identity. publish engaging content. start with a detailed content strategy that uses various content forms. from news to user-generated content. consider branded merchandise and giveaways.

this will be part of the unique experience you share with the attendees. before the event, you can send branded gifts with tickets or bookings. you can also set up small booths around the venue and sell your branded merchandise to the enthusiastic crowd. pick smart influencers. choosing influencers to increase brand awareness became essential in today’s world. you can benefit from this by choosing the influencers that match your goals and values. also, check their fan base and its similarity to your targeted audience.

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